Alexander Grenville

Lucian Grenville's Brother


Alexander prefers to dark and concealing clothing the style doesnt matter, although often if he dresses in what he thinks his mother would like its an older style. It was only recently that he understood clothes as something more than things to cover up the body and avoid social awkwardness. He has a penchant for wearing glasses, as he thinks they help him to fit in.


Alexander Grenville is the son of Elaidy and Lord Grenville. He was a strange child. Thought of as having mid level functioning Aspergers. There was a time when the family thought perhaps he was otaku, and if he had been born in another family Alex may have been fitted with a datajack to see if he was able to explore those abilities, but luckily for him this did not happen and after Crash 2.0 it became clear that Alexander was a technomancer. He started exploring the web and learning what it was to be a human in a world where computers are normally only accessed by technology. He spent many years learning how to treat humans as something other than ambulatory programs with very unusual and completely incomprehensible logic patterns.

Currently Alexander’s location is unknown. Unbeknownst to his mother he had been dating an elvish young lady, meeting surreptitiously in out of the way areas, not for sweaty trysts in dark alleys but to connect body and soul and essense, both in the physical and virtual world. He had been in contact with Lucian Grenville, alluding that he and his girlfriend had stumbled upon something and then all contact was lost soon after.

Alexander Grenville

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