Allison Underwood

Allison Underwood is a B rated Simsense star filming mostly out of London


Busty and beautiful, Berman Magazine once said of Allison “her beauty is wasted on the crap she acts in. If she actually had some skill she might do better.”


Allison Underwood is a B ranked simsense star who believes she is perched on the edge of stardom. Naturally beautiful she actually has acting skills but is often cast as the pretty dumb friend and shes having trouble breaking out of that niche. She was nominated for multiple awards for performance as Dublin Smythe in “Sundown 50” and she won critical acclaim as Lucy Lucy Lucy in the short run pilot “Lucy” but since then she has only been able to find bit parts.

Her profile picture is a movie still from her near pornographic “Astral Minxes” which she filmed early on in her career. While this did open doors for her she regrets her decision now and has a “no multiple sexual partners” clause. She also will never allow anyone to dump 50 gallons of “Astral Jizz” on her ever again.

She met Lucian Grenville and they had a whirlwind fling that lasted the 3 weeks they were shooting “Oliver’s Arrow” in a warehouse in the Upper East end. It ended well, but they have since fallen away from each other. Allison continues to work in and around London.

Allison Underwood

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