Alouisious Weatherby

Enemy of the Grenville Family, Major Shareholder of the Daily UK Mirror


Alouisious is a distinctive character even by todays 2070s standards. Tall and slim, often with an enormous fro, Alouisious is rarely found without his signature monkey and his weapon of choice, an electrically powered bat.


Heir Apparent to the Daily UK Mirror entertainment corporation, Alouisious Weatherby is the son of Marcus Weatherby and the nephew of Kevin Weatherby. In 2048 Alouisious’s father was a high level reporter for the Daily UK Mirror and was killed in a freak explosion when Alouisious was only 5 years old. Since then he has grown up to be a powerhouse in the Weatherby family, and is now seen to be the most likely to succeed Marcus as the President of the company once he dies or steps down. Alouisious has been quietly working behind the scenes in the shadows to hurt the Grenville family wherever possible, most specifically Elaidy but whoever he can get into his sights legally or illegally he will happily shoot.

Alouisious Weatherby

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