Angel Airstrider aka Night Bird

Girl friend of Hat Trick


Girl Friend to Hat Trick and contact C2/L5: 23 years old, 16” tall, 6Lbs race Pixie. Skin light tan, hair Blond, eyes blue.


Angel is a raven shaman. She owns a Talismongers shop, and has lots of connections in the magic community. Angel is also Raven’s girl friend of over three years, she is hopeful that he will “pop” the question some day soon. Angel is a very caring person and puts her all in to her work when she is helping a client. Angel’s primary occupation of the operation of her Talismonger shop. because of this she has a lot of knowledge about the magic world and its prominent and powerful people, this makes her a good source of information. She does keep curtain confidences how ever and the right powerful people know they can trust her discretion.

Angel Airstrider aka Night Bird

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