Arathorn O'Connor

Kasper's Father


Arathorn is a 60 year old elf. He has long white hair, reddish brown eyes and tanned skin. He stands 5’11" and weights 185 lbs.


Arathorn was born in 2012 in Dublin, Tir Na Nog, to the powerful O’Connor family. Groomed from a young age to take a seat on the Council of Stewards, Arathorn is accustom to power, wealth, and privilege.

While in college at Oxford University, Arathorn met the love of his life, Amara. They were married in 2039 and moved to Dublin where they had a son named Althas and a daughter named Elora.

In 2040, Arathorn took a seat on the council of stewards as one of the rulers of Tir Na Nog. Over the last 32 years, Arathorn has grown in power on the council and is one of the leading members on the Council.

Arathorn learned that he was magically active at a very young age and was trained in the Druidic Tradition by his family. Arathorn has a PHD. in Magical Studies from Oxford University.

Arathorn O'Connor

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