Bethany Sloan

A combat trainer hired by Elaidy Grenville to teach combat skills to Lucian Grenville


Bethany is a fit 70. She has some obvious cyberwear, a cyber eye and a cyber leg, plus much that is not seen. She keeps her greying hair short cropped and is often found wearing what looks like very simple military clothing.


Bethany Sloan was hired by Lord Grenville to teach his son some combat skills. This she did. In addition she started the work on his movement away from his family’s humanist values. The mother of Two trollish children Bethany is a fervent member of MoM, Mothers of Metahumans, and she was able to impart the value that metahumans are people to a young Lucian Grenville.

They still stay in touch from time to time, over a cuppa and a biscuit from time to time. She is mostly retired although she is often seen at MoM marches and has used her skills to help keep things peaceful through the use of directed force.

Bethany Sloan

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