Betty Mcgee aka Botty Mcgee

Current girlfriend of Lucian Grenville


Botty has a style all her own. Futuristic exercise junky/alchemist is how I describe it. Shes cute, bubbly and super into anything robots or robotics.


Botty is a rigger/drone expert on the very edges of the shadows. Never one to actually enter the shadows she has been known to make repairs on drones that may look more like they were in a gunfight than in an industrial accident. She and Lucian met a few months ago when he attended a Urban Bot Battle in which he was impressed with the wide and colorful language she used, swearing in 3 languages, after her beloved Hugbot got decapitated and dismembered in the last round of the finals. She drove him home and since then they have been a thing. Thankfully for Lucian she has been so focused in rebuilding Hugbot back up to her future glory, Botty has not noticed Lucian growing distant in all aspects of their relationship except for the physical part. Nobody is sure how she will react when she finally figures that part out…

Betty Mcgee aka Botty Mcgee

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