Braden Irvine

British Police Detective


Braden is a 29 year old human. he stands 5’10" and weights 154 lbs. He has blond hair that he keeps short and spiked and has blue eyes.


Braden was born in London in 2043 to a middle class family. At an early age, Braden wanted to become a police detective. In 2063, he got his dream and joined the British Police force. By 2067 he was promoted to Detective.

Braden has a strict code of honor. He believes in the rule of law and will never break the law, even if doing so would help him catch the bad guy. He is currently being looked at by Interpol as a possible recruit, due to his almost perfect record.

Braden is currently investigating Alan Cross, who he believes is a criminal. So far he has found no evidence to incriminate him, but Braden keeps looking.

Braden Irvine

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