Calvin Grenville

Tall and ruggedly handsome, Calvin Grenville is the first born heir of Carlisle


Calvin from all appearances was sculpted rather than born. Talk, handsome, a chin you could use as an icebreaker prow. His only flaw is a faint scar across the bridge of his nose, left by yours truely, Lucian Grenville. Calvin is the firstborn son of Lord Arthur and Lady Elaidy Calvin can be found most often in the company of any number of young ladies but also fits in equally well with men as he has a demeanor that attracts people to him, the one area in which we are similar.


Calvin was born first and is the only child of Lord and Lady Carlisle that has not expressed an awakening of some kind. Calvin has a magnetism that is almost uncanny. There have been numerous tabloid articles about his supposed bisexuality, which is of course stupid because 1) who cares, and 2) Calvin will gladly share with you his many sexual exploits and is very frank about finding all types of people beautiful, metahumans excepted of course. For some reason these articles sell, showing that there are some people that wont believe that the moon is in the sky unless they read it in the Morning Star.

Calvin and I have never really gotten along. I was treated with a mild disdain when first born which turned into active dislike after “The Day of the hovertrike” where I learned that I really have no business driving anything with less than 4 wheels." Calvin will not admit that the scar actually helps him, giving him a bit of a roguish air and also ameliorating that perfection of his to a level where others feel he is approachable. I have talked with many of his conquests after he has left them for a squash game or gone out to the clubs leaving them at home, and almost all of them mention his perfection as intimidating but that because of his scar and how frank he is about it is often the reason that they shared his bed. I am sure the title and the power and how disgustingly charming and intelligent Calvin is, has nothing to do with it.

Calvin spends his days learning the family trade, spending more time with Father than even Mother does. He stands to inherit, and he is going to learn what he needs to to do it.

Calvin Grenville

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