Christopher Crewe

Night Manager at the Continental


Christopher is a 39 year old human. He has light brown hair that he keeps neatly trimmed at all times. He has dark brown eyes. He stands 5’10" and weights 165 lbs. He is always in well tailored expensive suits. He has a small tattoo of a dragon on the left side of his neck.


Christopher is the Night Manager at the Continental Hotel. Chris was born in Beograde, Yugoslavia in 2033. Chris grew up in gangs all his life and at the age of 15 joined the Russian mafia. He quickly moved up the ranks in the mafia and in 2054 moved to England to work with the Alkaev family in East London. Once in England he changed his name to Christopher Crewe. No one knows is original birth name.

Between 2054 and 2066, Chris performed dirty work for the Russian mob and was in high demand by a number of crime syndicates, to which he was often hired out too. In 2067, he was hired by the Continental Hotel as the “Night Manager.” At the Continental, Chris is in charge of the daily operations of the hotel and the shadow club below it. More importantly, he makes sure that every quest respects the rules.

Christopher Crewe

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