Eamon Grenville

Lucian Grenville's Brother; twin to Ellison Grenville


Approximately 5’10" Beautiful like all the rest of the Grenville children, Eamon Grenville is striking in that he seems to have what would be considered female secondary sex characteristics. He dresses in a dark and old fashioned style, similar to his mother but much more dark and brooding.


Eamon Grenville is rarely found without his sister around. They sleep in the same room and servants would never comment on what they think happens at night, but people are going to think what they are going to think. Eamon is the more passive of the two twins but also the more violent. When they were younger they would torment other children and if someone got physically hurt it was usually Eamon that did the hurting. They currently ramble around the upper class haunts of London searching out entertainment and fun. Often a beautiful young man or woman is seen leaving a club or social event with the Twins. There is no truth to the rumors that sometimes that is the last anyone ever sees of them. Another rumor that a reporter lost 3 fingers on her left hand after cornering and questioning Eamon about looking like a woman, “Dirty scag was the word that was actually used” are likewise false.

Eamon Grenville

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