Ellison Grenville

Lucian Grenville's Brother, and twin sister to Eamon Grenville


5’10" Ellison Grenville is tall and buxom with the Grenville women’s red hair. She eschews clothes as much as is decent and has recently been covering herself with tattoos, the meaning of which she doesnt care to explain to others.


Ellison Grenville is the twin sister of Eamon Grenville and of the two is by far the most motivated and intelligent. She has no interest in her mothers quest for genetic knowledge, rather she spends her time delving in to the occult, spells and the darker aspects of Awakening, what would be called black magic by others. She is the driving force for their forays into the darker sides of London. Rumors abound of the dark, dangerous and harmful acts that these two have done, and if any of them are true Ellison is their genesis. She has a rare book collection that is said to rival many public schools, some of which were highly illegal to own in other periods of time that focuses on magic and the occult.

Ellison Grenville

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