Elora O'Connor

Kasper's Sister


Elora is a 29 year old elf. Her natural hair color is a sandy blonde, but she regularly dyes it various colors. She has light blue eyes. She stand 5’5" and weights 125 lbs.


Elora was born in 2043 in Dublin, Tir Na Nog to Amara and Arathorn O’Connor. Like her brother, Althas, she became a technomancer after being trapped in the matrix during the Crash of ’64. As a young girl, she was given everything she wanted from her parents, while her brother was forced to earn everything he recieved from their parents. Despite this Elora and Althas got along great. They both attended Cambridge University, where Elora recieved a Masters in Computer Sciences.

In 2070, Elora was kidnapped. The O’Connor family used all of their power and wealth to find her, but were unsuccessful. Her brother Althas went into the shadows to find her. In 2071, he found her in a warehouse lab owned by Aztechnology. Althas attempted to rescue her, but before he could, a strange machine was activated that transferred Elora’s entire body into the Matrix. Althas followed her and was immediately attacked by Black IC. While Althas fought for his life, a strange entity approached Elora and touched her. Before Althas could react, Elora was decomplied before his every eyes.

Althas reported what happened to his family. Most of the O’Connor Family believed that Elora had died in the Matrix, but Althas did not believe it. He believed that she was still stuck in the matrix and made it his mission to find her and bring her back. His father, Arathorn, felt that he was being naive and told Althas not to continue his search. Althas refused to give up on Elora and continues to search for her to this very day.

Elora O'Connor

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