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Icepick is a 36 year old ork. He has a shaved head with brown eyes. He stands 6’1" tall and weights roughly 167 lbs. He always dresses in nice tailored suits.


Icepick was born in London in 2036 and under went his goblinization in 2051 at the age of 15. He started as a low level thug for the mafia and worked his way up to a low level boss by the time he was 28.

In 2066, his mafia family was wiped out by a rival family. Luckily, Icepick was able to survive and went into business for him self, trading information and goods to the Shadows. He is now a mid-level fixer, providing goods, services and jobs to the London Shadows. He still has ties to the mafia and uses them to get what he needs.

Icepick’s operation is still relatively small, but it is slowly building up. He has a good amount of influence and power within the London mafia and has a working relationship with the Tongs, Triads and Yakuza.


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