Jack Gareth

Denise Gareth's brother and low-level adversary of Rigger D


Jack’s the brother of Denise Gareth, and he never liked that smarmy git of a dwarf she dated a few years back. They broke up after a while, still, that dwarf keeps showing up. Sometimes that dwarf has even shown up at neighborhood ork meetings, and he’s not even a little bit black. Worse, Jack has promised to be polite to him.

Well, you don’t have to like someone to be polite, and both Jack and the Dwarf, Bob, know it. There’s really only one thing that can get them to work together, and that’s Jack’s sister, Denise.

Jack will even admit that Bob’s got a decent job, but he’d never tell anybody in London to look the goody-two-shoes up. Besides, the dwarf would probably faint at the sight of blood, and Jack’s already seen a fair bit of that in his job.


Jack Gareth

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