John Norwell

Renraku Company Man


John is a 32 year old human. He has short black hair and brown eyes. He keeps his hair short and trimmed at all times. He stands 5’11” tall and Weighs 167 lbs. He often wears a suit and tie and is really seen without his sunglasses.


John was born in Cadiff, Wales in 2040. He grew up in a corporate family. Both his parents worked for the Renraku Corporation. John’s parents were such good corporate employees that when John was born, Renraku offered to pay his way through school as long as he came to work for the corporation when he graduated. His parents agreed and from the beginning of his life, Renraku controlled his destiny.

John went to college and graduated in 2063 with a bachelors in psychology. He went to work for Renraku the next years as a counselor, but it was soon discovered that his talents were best used elsewhere. John was trained in security and began performing security duty for the company. He was very skilled at his new job and quickly raised in the security ranks. John is now head of security for Renraku U.K. division. If it happens in the United Kingdom, John is aware of it.

John Norwell

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