Kayla Burke

Kasper's Fiance


Kayla is a 32 year old elf. She has long brown hair that hangs down past the middle of her back. She has hazel eyes. She Stands 5’6" tall and weights 128 lbs.


Kayla was born in Dublin, Tir Na Nog in 2040. She was born to human parents, but being born an elf, her parents were thrilled. Kayla comes from the Dannan family, Burke. Her parents, Micheal and Jenifer Burke, are two of the few human members of the Burke family. Kayla being born an elf raised her family up in status within the family.

When Kayla was 12 years old, she met Althas O’Connor and was told that a pre-arranged marriage was agreed upon between the Burke and the O’Connor families. While she got along with Althas, she hated the idea that she would not get to pick the person she would marry. Luckily, Althas didn’t like the idea either. Together they fought the pre-arranged marriage and rebeled against their families when ever they could.

Kayla attended Cambridge University with Althas and studied Magical Studies. It was during this time, that her and Althas spent a lot of time together. Eventually they fell in love and accepted and even found joy in their pre-arranged marriage.

After collage, just a year before they were to be married, Althas’ sister, Elora, was kidnapped. Kayla and Elora had become good friends, so the event hurt Kayla as much as it did the O’Connor family. When Althas told Kayla he was posponing the wedding to search for his sister, Kayla feared for his safety, but understood what he needed to do.

She keeps in touch with Althas as he searches for his sister and protects his interests in Dublin while he is gone. They plan to get married as soon as Althas returns.

Kayla Burke

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