Kester Bloodgood

Father of Raven Bloodgood aka Hat Trick.


Father of Hat Trick: 53 years old, 20” tall, 11Lbs, tan skin, black hair, blue eyes.


He in no way has any contact with Raven. When Raven told him, that he wanted to travel the world and did not want to be chieftain, Kester felt betrayed and was so disgusted with his son that he disowned him. He was willing to overlook the fact that Raven chose an unusual way to work magic but he could not take it when Raven turned his back on what Kester saw as Raven’s destiny. Forgiveness is not completely out of mind for Raven, but Raven would have to prove himself to earn it. Kester is the chieftain of his people, he is the leader of the village basically he is the head of the ruling family. The village is self sustaining they only take from the land what they need to live and give back as much as they can. because of this Kester is in good standing with his neighbors the other near by ruling parties of Tir Na Nog.

Kester Bloodgood

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