Lady Elaidy Grenville nee Montcliff

Lucian Grenville's Mother


Tall and slender Elaidy has a poise often conceals the energy she applies to all things she does. It is only when she speaks about something she is very passionate about that an outside observer can see what is really happening inside her head as her ability to speak is unable to keep up with the ideas that are whirling around in her head. When she takes the time to dress up for court she generally has an eccentric old style, staying in a monochromatic palette.


Lady Elaidy Grenville, Countess Carlisle married Lord Arthur Grenville in the year 2045. She was and still is a genetic engineer.

Rumors in high society about Elaidy abound, but the most common of these rumors is that she is a money grubber, a rumor that applies to all common born that marry into the peerage, that she was and may still be a member of one or more anti-metahuman policlubs, and that she is a bit of a slag as none of her children except for Calvin look anything like their father. Elaidy spends much of her time at the Grenville Institute, a think-tank/corporation “dedicated to research into the human genome and the development of genetic treatments for the the betterment of human kind.”

She is the mother of 8 children.
Calvin Grenville, Eamon Grenville, Ellison Grenville, Wendell Grenville, Alexander Grenville, Lucian Grenville, Paris Grenville and Lucille Grenville.

Lady Elaidy Grenville nee Montcliff

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