Lucille "Lucy" Grenville

Lucian Grenville's Brother, youngest Grenville child


About 4’4" Lucy is one of those kids that you know is going to be a knockout when shes older. She has big blue eyes, red hair and a splash of freckles across the bridge of her nose . Chirpy, intelligent, engaged, polite, she could be the poster child for a perfectly raised little person. For those that knew him, she is almost the carbon copy of a female version of Wendell Grenville at the age of 7.


Lucille Grenville, or Lucy as she requires all adults to call her other than her mother, wants to be an astronaut when she grows up. Or be a dragon. A surfing unicorn, or maybe a deep sea diver. Right now the biggest thing on this 7 year old’s plate is the need to figure out how to never eat spinach again. Once that problem is solved, then she can move on to bigger and better things without spinach holding her back. She is universally loved by every member of the Grenville family, who would do anything to protect her innocence. She is the youngest of the Grenville children.

Lucille "Lucy" Grenville

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