Lythion O'Connor

Kasper's Aunt


Lythion is a 56 year old elf. She has pale skin with black hair and dark brown eyes. She constantly changes her hair style to the latest fashion. She stands 5’11" tall and weights 150 lbs.


Lythion was born to a wealthy noble family in 2016. She was raised in a life of privilege and is often seen as snobby, even among her peers. She believes that her wealth is her birth right and looks down upon those who do not have money.

In 2036, she married Sylvar O’Connor and moved to Dublin. She was married to Sylvar to increase the wealth and power of her family. At first, she did not get along with Sylar. She found him too concerned with the lives of those she believed to be her lessers, but over the years she has grown to love him and the life he provides her. She still disagrees with his politics, but does not show it in public.

In 2066, she moved to London with her husband after he was appointed as the Ambassador from Tir Na Nog. She loves the London High Society and so far has enjoyed hobnobbing with the London Elite.

Lythion O'Connor

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