Merethyl O'Connor

Kasper's Cousin


Merethyl is a 27 year old elf. He has black hair with natural grey highlights. He wears thin glasses and has dark brown eyes. He is very skinny. He stands 6’2" tall and weights 130 lbs.


Merethyl was born in 2045 to Sylvar and Lythion O’Connor. He is Althas’ only first cousin. To many in the O’Connor family, Merethyl is thought to be a spoiled brat. This is not to say he is stupid, in fact he is considered to be very smart and one of the most manipulative members of the O’Connor family.

Having been raised by Lythion, Merethyl believes that his nobility makes him better than the “common” folk and believes that it is the nobles duty to rule over the “common” folk. This has made him a lot of enemies, but also a lot of Allies who agree with him. Merethyl’s father, Sylvar, hates his son’s attitude and tried to help him see the errors of his ways, but was unsuccessful.

Merethyl has a deep seated rivalry toward his cousin Althas. Althas is considered to be the prime replacement of Arathorn O’Connor, Merethyl’s uncle, on the Council of Stewards. This annoys Merethyl to no end. He believes that he would be a far better rules than his cousin. Althas, on the other hand, holds no ill well towards his cousins, seeing him as simply misguided, rather than the evil manipulative person he truly is.

Merethyl is a very powerful hermetic mage. Unknown to his family and friends, Merethyl studies Black Magic.

Merethyl O'Connor

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