Nora Dalton

Reporter / Blogger


Nora is a 26 year old elf. She is short for an elf standing only 5’3” and is very skinning, weighting around 114 lbs. She has long dirty blonde hair and has light blue eyes. She always dresses casual, often wearing jeans and shirts with famous band names or other popular slogans.


Nora was born in London in 2046 to a poor family of corporate wage slaves. From an early age, Nora hated how her family was treated by the corporation and rebelled against them from an early age. She began writing a blog on the internet at the age of 12, blasting the corporation and the Government for how they treated people. When she was 15 she was forced to shut down her blog, when her parents were threatened with being fired.

Nora graduated from the University of Westminster with a master’s degree in Journalism in 2069. During her time in college her parents died in a mysterious car accident. She suspects that her parent’s corporation had something to do with their death.

After graduating, Nora went to work for the London Evening Star as a columnist / reporter. Nora quickly grab the attention of her bosses with a few in-depth articles on the dumping of waste by the Wuxing Corporation. In fact her article forced the British government to open an investigation against Wuxing, which lead to a few arrests and hefty fines. While still young and at the beginning of her career, Nora is gaining a reputation for fighting against corporations and corrupt politicians. This is also making her a lot of enemies.

Nora Dalton

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