Oswallt Cadwallader

Curator of the Y Lasynys Fawr museum.


Triskelion.jpg Tall and greying, and going a little bit to pot, Oswallt Cadwallader is a little bit the absent minded professor a little bit the distinguished gentleman and is all in when it comes to the history of Wales and how it relates to the Celts. He can often be found in the Y Lasynys Fawr museum with his signature tweed jacket and triskilion pin.


Oswallt CadWallader is the curator of the Y Lasynys Fawr museum. It focuses on welsh and celtic history. The museum currently has a special harp on loan from the St Fagans museum that was once owned by Ellis Wynne. Friendly and helpful Oswallt will talk your ear off if you let him and show any level of interest in his areas of expertise.

Oswallt Cadwallader

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