Pugsley Bloodgood

Little Brother of Hat Trick


Brother to Hat Trick: 23 years old, 17” tall, 6Lbs, pale skin, black hair, hazel eyes.


He has no contact with his brother and actively hates him. Pugsley has always been envious of the attention that Raven got so easily from the family and the village alike. Pugsley’s envy over time turned to hate, even though his father recognizes him as hair he feels that his father does so because he has no other option. This only serves to deepen his hatred of his brother. Pugsley hates Raven so much for out shining him and without even trying. Even Raven’s father has basically disowned Raven but if he were to come back home to the village he would still be the one to take over as chief, there is still so much love for Raven in the village. This has Pugsley near insane with hate and jealousy for Raven. all of this has made Pugsley a mean person deep inside, but on the outside he is a slimy, smarmy manipulator. He is like the sheriff of Nottingham or Grima wormtoung.

Pugsley Bloodgood

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