Sarah Howell

Forensic Expert


Sarah is a 23year old elf. She has light brown hair that she often braids. She has light blue eyes. She stands 5’2" tall and weights 114 lbs. She has a tattoo over her left eye and a tattoo over her left shoulder. She dresses entirely in black.


Sarah was born in Birmingham, England in 2049. She grew up in a middle class family. Her parents working for Hildebrandt-Kleinfort-Bernal, provided her with a comfortable childhood. Of course, this did not mean she didn’t rebel from time to time.

Once such rebelling occurred when she was 16 years old. Fed up with the wage slave lifestyle, Sarah started hanging around with a Go-Gang known as the Speed Racers. She became hooked on drugs and her life went downhill fast. She met a technomancer named Kasper in 2066. Kasper was in London visiting is uncle, when he found Sarah passed out in front of a club. Concerned for her safety, Kasper took her to a hotel and helped her clean up. Once she was sober, Kasper offered to help kick her drug habit and paid to have her spend a year in a clinic to get better. She was grateful for the help.

In 2067, Sarah had fully left the drugs and go-gang behind, but didn’t know what to do. Once again Kasper stepped in to help. With his families connections Kasper was able to get her admitted to the University of Durham and even paid her way through college.

Sarah is set to graduate from University of Durham with a Masters in Forensic Science in 2074. Kasper was also able to wipe her record in the matrix to give her a clean slate. She already has a job lined up with the British Police in London and works as an intern during the summers.

Sarah Howell

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