Shin Wu aka Dragon

Elf Combat Mage


Mentor to Hat Trick and a contact C2/L5: 45 years old, 6’ 2” tall, 186 Lbs race Elf. Skin Caucasian, hair black, eyes black.


He is in contact with Raven all the time. Shin taught Raven almost everything he knows about magic and shadowrunning. Shin is the one who Raven goes to if he has a magic issue that he is having trouble with. Shin in a lot of ways is a surrogate father to Hat Trick. over the years Shin has developed strong father like feelings for Raven and he feels the need to look after Raven seeing as how Raven has been cut off from every family member he has ever known. Shin in his own right is a very powerful combat mage and a veteran of the Shadows. Shin believes strongly in his Chinese culture and heritage he is a very traditional man.

Shin Wu aka Dragon

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