Sylvar O'Connor

Kasper's Uncle


Sylvar is a 58 year old elf. He is tall for an elf, standing 6’5” tall and weighs 210 lbs. He light brown hair that he wears long in private, and in a clean pony tail when in public. He has hazel eyes. He is often seen in expensive suits when in public.


Sylvar was born in Dublin in 2014 to the Dannan Mor O’Connor family. He is the younger brother of Arathorn O’Connor who is currently on the Council of Stewards in Tir Na Nog. Sylar was raised in a powerful and wealthy family, but always had a good heart. He always knew his brother would be chosen to rule Tir Na Nog on the council and Sylvar was fine with this. He was more interested in improving the life of the citizens of Tir Na Nog and has worked all his life to do so.

Sylvar married Lythion in 2036 in a pre-arranged marriage. Not overly fond of Lythion at first, Sylvar took care of her as best he could, while tolerating her snobbishness. He can come to love her, but still tries to get her to see the error of her ways. They have a rough marriage, but it is not without its good times.

In 2066, Sylvar was appointed Ambassador to England and moved to London to tend to the Interests of Tir Na Nog. While he is not overly fond of being in such as public position, it gives him a chance to effect change that will help improve the lives of the people in Tir Na Nog.

Sylvar is a powerful hermetic mage of the Druidic Tradition. He was trained by his family from a young age and now leads one of the largest Druidic circles in London. A few of the members do not like being led by an elf, but so far he has more allies than enemies.

Sylvar O'Connor

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