Wendell Grenville

Lucian Grenville's Brother


Standing approximately 2.5 meters tall Wendell is an imposing figure, although his Bob Marley Peace Love and Happiness t-shirt belies his fierce appearance. He is a strict vegan, espousing the idea that all animals deserve to live, and “hey if some creatures can tell you that they dont want to be eaten now that the Awakening has happened, maybe the rest of them will at some point too, and then how bad would you feel.”


Wendell is the Grenville family outcast. He is even past the level of black sheep, a title held by his brother Lucian. As far as his mother Elaidy is concerned he doesnt even exist. He has been written out of any wills and lines of succession and all family members are forbidden to visit with him. It is rumored that after he goblinized and left school he entered the shadows and works towards amicable relations between all variations of humans, including those creatures that are not humanoid but are sentient.

Wendell Grenville

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