The Book of Taliesin

It seemed like an easy run........

Session 1

It seemed like an easy run…

A simple B&E at a low security building. While, like all runs it was a bit dodgy it had not seemed unusually so.

The Johnson had met them at Jimbo’s, a large family style restaurant in the West End Underplex. It looked like an average day at Jimbo’s filled with families and with a few more disreputable diners sprinkled in. With the almost constant ambient noise and the rude inattentive staff, Jimbo’s had gained a reputation as a good place to meet if you didn’t want your conversations overheard. The Johnson in question, a pixie (not the ones with wings), was sitting in the darkest corner a drink in his hand and an untouched bucket of spaghetti next to him. He was recognized from a distinctive pin that was on his trench.


The Johnson, seemed pretty non-descript except for extreme height. Despite his obvious attempt at slouching to hide it … even sitting he was quite tall… maybe even rivaling the height of a squid.

The meet went smoothly with the Duck talking to the Johnson. The job was a quick B&E at a small trid station located of all places in the West Way, with the name of the London Broadcasting Network… or LBN… The target a manila envelope with a specific symbol on it stored in a safe on the premises.


The drop off in 3 days, would be at Jimbo’s. The payment on delivery… 5’000 £. The Johnson specified that he would meet them at Jimbo’s after he received their call to a number linked to a disposable commlink.

The team did their individual legwork and soon came together to perform the run. The run appeared to be as easy as they first anticipated and they were able to slip in and acquire the package with only limited resistance from the security. On the way out of the station Rigger D, who was waiting in the Kasper’s van, told them a group of gangers, known as the Westway Stranglers, were waiting for them outside. He reported 9 hostiles.

Kasper turned… to Duck… “Double crossed by the Johnson”

Duck “Why do you always have to jump to the conclusion”

Kasper “What a dick”

Duck replied “They’ll give us the weapons we’ll stick on the drones”

“That’s why we took it.”

The Ghost Squad prepared itself and emerged from the building ready for combat but even then they were caught off guard when a spirit materializes next to Kasper.
Kasper yells at Hat Trick…”Get on it Hat, do your job. Do your j..o…b…”

The Spirit hit Kasper.

In response Hat Trick flung a force 6 powerbolt at the spirit and flited up to the roof of the building for cover.

A dwarf ganger stepped forward and scanned the area looking for the source of the powerbolt and when he didn’t see the source, he shot Duck.

Paws scanned the group of gangers trying to figure out which one summoned the spirit. He did not find a mage but he did notice that some of the people were better geared then normal street thugs in this group. He turned his gun unto the dwarf that shot Duck and shot him with an explosive round in the stomach.

Rigger D, controlling his Nissan Roto drone, trained its mounted Ares Viper on the dwarf and killed him. Kasper used his macro and called a registered Sprite named Blinky and ordered Blinky to assist operations on Rigger D’s drone. Then he rolled away from the spirit behind some trash cans to give him some cover and fired on the spirit and it disincorporated.

One of the gangers fired twice at Paws and hit with one but, the bullet lodged into his armor. Paws athletically dodged the second bullet. Another ganger fired twice at Duck. Hitting but not taking him down with the first shot and firing wide on the second. Kasper ducked down as a hail of bullets headed his direction, one of them lodging in his armor.

Duck dropped to a knee and fired a spray of suppressive fire at the gangers. Damaging several of them as they tried to fire back. Kasper yelled for Duck to dive under cover as they shot him … knocking him unconscious.

Hat Trick looked down at Duck concerned, he prepared to cast a heal spell but Kasper tells everyone on the comm “I got him, I think you need to do some area effect stuff and I’ll slap a stim pack on him.

Rigger D’s drone dodged away from bullets headed in its direction and Paws dodged some more bullets.

Kasper yelled for Paws to get behind cover.

Hat Trick noticed a shimmering quality behind Kasper and cast a power 6 powerball hitting 6 people in the general crowd. The energy channels from the matrix into their bodies and 4 of the gangers died. Paws opens up on the remaining standing foes and 2 more attackers fall.

Paws commented, “Runner die runner die.”

Hat Trick alerted Kasper to the presence behind him.

A dwarf ganger turned and ran away.

Kasper reached through the trash cans and slapped a stim pack on Duck. Then he twisted around firing a wide burst fire at the hidden figure behind him. Duck rolled up, picking up his gun and shot at one of the guys left standing. Kasper feeling hands on his body, is able to prevent his attacker from taking the package. He yelled to Hat Trick “Take this bitch out. She’s going for the package. Taker her out!!!”

Hat Trick power bolts the figure. There is a shimmer as the figure in front of Kasper dissipates. Paws shot at the dwarf running away.

Hat Trick asks “Should I finish him off or should I shoot at the group again. “

Duck responded “I don’t care.”

Kasper replied on attack net. “I don’t care about the runner let’s get the fuck out of here.

Rigger D added “Yeah we need to make our delivery.”

Kasper: “Yeah we got the job done, let’s get out”

Hat Trick “We still got 3 guys up. “

Still lying on the ground, Duck shot the ganger he shot before, killing him and shot at the guy next to him. Hat Trick let loose with another spell killing the final enemies. As the power from the spell dissipates to the ground the team scrambled around the corpses collecting weapons and commlinks. They also pulled the well geared dead dwarf into their van to look at his gear more closely. They start driving away and are shocked at the amount of gear on this dwarfs body. After stripping the dwarf of anything of value, Rigger D used his knowledge of London gangs to drop the body off in an area of London known for its metahuman hatred… hoping the body will be attributed to just another hate crime.

Karma Awarded : 1 Karma


Nice intro! May steal the symbol.

It seemed like an easy run........

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