The Duck Song List





1) Deep in the Shadows – Perturbator – Ghost Dancers Slay Together
Just some random Shadowrunning mood music.

2) A Song for the Times – Bob Dylan – The Times They are A-Changing
History is full of times where there are fundamental shifts in how we look at the world. This is one of those times…

3) Family Attitudes- Korn – Freak on a Leash
Lucian’s family has some angry attitudes towards others that Lucian bought into at an early age, but that path was not for him to take, eventually…(Freak on a Leash)

4) Leaving Home – Three Days Grace – Home
Home is where the heart is, or its where the heart breaks driving you away…

5) World Hold On – Bob Sinclar feat. Steve Edwards – World Hold On
A song to represent the transformation of Lucian from the mores of his family into a person that understands that people are just people…

6) Betty Mcgee – Britney Spears vs. Disclosure & Sam Smith – Radar Latch
In the beginning everything is awesome and then…

7) Cause You’re Mine – Raving George feat. Oscar And The Wolf – You’re Mine
Lucian Grenville cares, intensely, deeply and then moves on. This is his anthem of love…

8) Friends – That’s What Friends Are For
Lucian values his friends almost as much as his family.

9) Shadowrunning – Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon Theme
Terrible 80s version of Shadowrunning music…

10) Shadowrunning II – Lux Aeterna
I just love this song and it screams Shadowrun/cyberpunk to me, plus we need a little bit of cool music after this terrible but applicable 80s electronica…

11) London – Janis Joplin vs Creedence Clearwater Revival Move over vs Run through the jungle
The streets of London are dark, dangerous. Get ready to move over as we move our way through the jungle.

12) Paws – Chromeo vs Nirvana – Smells Like Jealousy
This song screams Paws to me.

13) Kasper – The Unseen Guest – Listen My Son
Kasper seems a little crazy to me. His focus, his determination and the melding of the two lives he has created a person that is deeply conflicted as to what he wants out of life. I think hes just walking forward now without a clue where he is going. If he finds his sister I am not sure that he will be happy with what he finds and where that takes his life.

14) Rigger D – GAMPER & DADONI feat. DNKR – The La La La Remix
Im not sure why but I see Rigger D as someone that doesnt want to interact with the world, and when people start talking to him I can just see him sticking his fingers in his ears and going La La La I cant hear you, or more likely ditch out into a drone or vehicle so he doesnt have to interact with that blathering meatbag.

15) Hat Trick – Radioactive
It may not be radiation that changed him, but change he did….

16) The Missing Man Formation – The Glitch Mob – Seven Nation Army Remix
Just a little tribute…

The Duck Song List

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